Tuesday, September 25, 2018

France: Refuses to accept Migrants whilst berating Italy for doing the same thing

(Paris) The Italian government earned the scorn of the rest of Europe when in June this year they banned the charity ship 'Aquarius' from dropping off migrants which it (and quite a few other charity ships) had been doing for years, which has resulted in acting as a huge pull factor for hundreds of thousands of economic migrants whom they pick up off the coast of Africa and then transport them hundreds of miles north to Europe for the Italian tax payer to sort out.

One of the loudest detractors was France with President Macron berating the Italian government for its "cynicism and irresponsibility" in refusing to allow this so called  rescue ship packed with migrants to dock in Italy.

Well a couple of months down the line and the very same ship has just been refused permission to dock in France  carrying just 58 Economic migrants . Apparently the reason being given for this refusal is that under the law, a ship which has picked up people at sea must drop them off at the nearest port. Funny enough that would rule out all of Europe in favour of the North African coast.

But get this even whilst closing its doors to these so called people in need, the French government continues to berate the Italians for doing likewise with French Minister Nathalie Loiseau when asked about the case of the Aquarius NGO-run migrant-rescue ship opining:
"That is why we say again to Italy that the idea of closing its ports to people in danger is against the law, it is against humanity".