Monday, June 4, 2018

US Army orders micro drones

(Washington) The US Army has just placed a $2.6 million order with FLIR Systems for quite a few of its ‘Black Hornet’ mini UAV which will support squad-level surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities in the army’s first batch order for the Soldier Borne Sensor programme. So what is the Black Hornet? It is is a military micro unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) The Mini UAV measures around 10 × 2.5 cm (4 × 1 in) and provides troops on the ground with local situational awareness. They are small enough to fit in one hand and weigh just over half an ounce (16 g, including batteries). It is equipped with a camera, which gives the operator full-motion video and still images and It is fully weather proof

It is also combat proven having been used by the British Army in Afghanistan, who for some very strange reason decided to retire it last year?