Saturday, June 23, 2018

Spain: Since the socialists opened its borders, Migrants now flock to...Spain.

(Madrid)  All over Europe countries which opened up their borders to anybody who could get there, have since faced repercussions and seen a rise in the far right. The socialist  mandarins of the EU sat in their ivory towers never have to deal with the problems that beset the plebs and cannot understand why countries no longer want to be dictated to by Strasbourg. Yet for all the evidence that mass immigration doesn't make for a better world (Note I said mass and not controlled)  The socialists of this world still haven't learnt the lessons that others have already learnt. Take Spain for example . its new socialist government decided to berate the new rightwing Italian government for refusing to take in ship loads of economic migrants , so in order to do so, they said, yup we'll take them in, they followed that up by removing the security around border fences with their enclaves around their African enclaves and  said that they will offer free medical treatment to any illegal immigrant. They also stated that they would also control migration into the country unlike Italy and Germany.

Well guess what, the hoards of migrants who travelled across Africa so as to get a taxis service across the med to Italy, have now decided that the much shorter journey across to Spain is a much better bet and so it is that 418 migrants were picked up off the coast of Spain on Saturday alone. Just what is it about socialists and other peoples lives and money.