Sunday, June 3, 2018

Ramadan Death Count: Yemen: 04/06/18

(Hodeidah)  The war in Yemen will take a decisive step within the new week or so when the Saudi led coalition takes the important port of Hodeidah which whilst supplying around 70% of all aid into the war torn country, is also the major route for weapon supplies from Iran for the Houthi rebels. (Saudi Arabia is keen to capture the port and block supplies of Scud missiles from Iran reaching the rebels, who have launched over 100 into Saudi Arabia)

Ironically this turn in events came about after the rebels assassinated former president Ali Abdullah Saleh who engineered the takeover of the country by the Houthi rebels in which to place himself back in power after he stood down in 2012 after 33 years in power due to public protests.  After promising not to delve in politics, he returned in 2013 and in 2014 he helped (with his supporters)  the Houthi take most of the western half of the country resulting in the president asking Saudi Arabia for help.  
However last December Saleh was assassinated, after a large number of his supporters were also killed off, they switched sides and are now fighting for the Saudi coalition against their former allies. Which is why the man in charge of the Saudi led forces which are knocking on the door of Hodeidah is Saleh’s nephew, Brigadier-General Tareq Mohammed Saleh.

From last Wednesday to Saturday 110 troops have died in the fighting between both sides, comprising of 90 rebels and 20 coalition troops.  

Last night (Sunday) it was reported that over 100 rebels have been killed  by advancing Saudi coalition troops this past 24 hours on the outskirts of Hodeidah

Ramadan death toll stands at 913