Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Germany: Knifeman arrested at Munich train-station.

(Munchen) Yesterday morning German police were informed of somebody walking around the main train station in Munich openly carrying a knife. Unlike the Uk, where the Police wouldn't have bothered their arse and continued painting their fingernails in which to support the LGBT crowd. The German police sent a large number of officers to apprehend the person in question.

After been told to drop the weapon numerous times in German and English, the man refused to do so, he was then sprayed twice with pepper spray which failed. At this a brave policeman sneaked up behind him and brought him down.

At which point the stand off was resolved.

It transpired that the knife-man in question is a 32 year old Sri Lankan who claimed asylum in Poland. However he isn't happy with living there and so was making his way to France so as to claim asylum in Canada. Which doesn't explain why he was walking around Munchen train station with a knife.