Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ramadan Death Count: Pakistan: 07/06/18

(Peshawar)  A local police chief and his driver were killed today near the Afghan border when their vehicle was targeted by a roadside bomb

(Karachi) A security forces raid in which to nab a number of terrorists saw one army ranger killed and 2 others wounded. The targeted 2 men were arrested as was the idiot who opened up on the rangers.

(Kohlu district) Three terrorists, belonging to a banned outfit, were killed during heavy exchange of fire with security forces in the Kohlu area of Balochistan on Monday. The incident transpired after a search operation was launched based on information about the presence of terrorists in the area.

(South Waziristan) Clashes between local militants and Pashtun rights activists has resulted in 4 killed, and 25 others wounded. In response, the police have arrested 80 people and slapped the area with a 24-hour curfew

Ramadan death toll stands at 1010