Saturday, June 16, 2018

Germany: Media deemed as racist for discussing Immigrant murders, rapes and criminality.

(Berlin) The snowflakes in Germany have decided to complain about the media coverage of the mass number of murders, rapes and crimes carried out by immigrants as examples of Germans unexamined biases.

Yup it appears that reporting the most evil crimes carried out by evil people is a sin and that this all started after the mass rapes on New Years day a few years ago across the land which for some strange reason weren't reported at the time and covered up, resulting in a huge public backlash. Now they are complaining about how the media reports on the ethnicity of the idiots who murder and rape for no reason whatsoever due to that backlash  implying that according to the media Arabic men are more likely to be rapists, of which there's no proof of at all. Really?  I'm pretty sure that the full prison cells across Europe state other wise. Why is it, that there is no one more blind that those who refuse to see.

Just what what is it about snowflakes and their inability to accept the truth.