Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Ethiopia to ‘Fully Accept’ Eritrea Peace Deal From 2000

(Addis Ababa) Ethiopia has stated that it would accept a 2000 peace agreement with Eritrea over their disputed border, a huge step toward resolving one of Africa’s bloodiest and most protracted conflicts. Eritrea triggered the war by invading Ethiopia. Problem there was, Ethiopia is a lot bigger and can and did bring much more forces to the fight resulting in Eritrea being pushed back .  At the end of the war, Ethiopia not only held all of the disputed territory it had also advanced into Eritrea. The war left around  80,000 people dead. They both signed a peace agreement in 2000, but the Ethiopians never accepted the findings of a UN boundary commission and ever since then hundreds of people have been killed over how both sides have claimed the town of Badme.

Well the new Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has decided to settle the case once and for all and said today that he will abide to the UN ruling.
Lets hope this leads to peace and new beginnings for both countries.