Sunday, June 10, 2018

Ramadan Death Count: Iraq: 10/06/18

(al-Khales) A bomb blast in the market place of al-Khales  in Diyala province which killed 1 and injured another 23 Shia Muslims has been acknowledged by ISIS as their evil handiwork.

(Nineveh) Yesterday, south of Mosul , ISIS thugs decided to attack a police station killing 2 policemen, however the police did manage to capture 4 of the terrorists and currently they are being questioned inside the very same police station they attack. Expect the likes of Amnesty international to complain. Regards their human rights.

(Kirkuk)  A bomb blast outside a mosque on Friday saw 1 woman killed and another 15 killed.

(Northern Iraq) The Turkish Government has reported that it has ‘neutralized’ 3 innocent Kurds who were holding a peaceful protest inside Northern Iraq.  Well isn’t that how the world reports when Israel takes out terrorists. No?  Gee I wonder why?

Ramadan death toll stands at 1260