Friday, June 29, 2018

Denmark: Muslim who travelled to Syria, ripped up his passport, fought for ISIS for 3 years, now wants to return to Denmark

(Copenhagen)  In 2013, a young Islamic Dane brought up in the capital, rallied to the call to partake in a religious war against Muslims in Syria. So along with 3 other, he flew out to Turkey and travelled from there to the new ISIS caliphate which had been carved out of Syria (and soon Iraq) by the knife, bullet and the bomb. Inside this pure Islamic wonderland, he got rid of his Danish passport , as he had no intent on going back to live amongst the Kuffer.

However, and a big however, that new Islamic caliphate, just like the Thousand-Year Reich another bunch of blood thirsty idiots tried to carve out a good few years before, was kicked into touch, when the locals said:
"Hang on, we already live here and we are not going to let you walk in and take it from us"
So with a little help from others, the fight was taken back to ISIS and by early last year , they had lost virtually all the land they had captured. Which is why the not so young Dane (now 24) decided to bugger off and try to rebuild his life in Denmark. However he was caught and arrested by the Turks. Who as they had surreptitiously supported ISIS in the first place, found this Danish terrorist had nothing to answer for and released him. That was March last year. However the Danes don't want anything to do with him. It appears that after they heard he had buggered off to fight Jihad  he was charged and sentenced in absentia for terrorism and being connected with ISIS. As he hasn't a Danish Passport any more, he can't travel from Turkey (which is strange as millions have) The Danish authorities have decided not to issue him with a new passport because the police have concluded that if he returns to Denmark, he would be a national security risk, and that decision was upheld by the court a sentiment echoed by Morten Bødskov, a Danish MP and former Justice minister stating:
“We don’t owe him anything. So we don’t think we need to actively try to get him and others like him home. He chose to disregard the values we represent here in Denmark,”
However Jihad features isn't happy with that and is taking the Danes through the courts in which to issue him with a passport and his lawyer has stated she will do everything she can to ensure he does.

It never fails to amaze me, that the very people who hate our way of life the most fight tooth and nail in which to live amongst the very people they despise the most.