Saturday, June 2, 2018

Ramadan Death Count: Iraq: 03/06/18

(Al Farahatiyah) ISIS terrorists killed 12 members of the same family, including women and children, in an attack on their northern village home on Saturday, it is suspected the family was targeted due to one of them being in the Police.

(Kurdistan) Air strikes by Turkish warplanes "neutralised" at least 15 militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in northern Iraq today. Separately, two Turkish soldiers were killed and one soldier was severely wounded after a rocket attack by the PKK on a military construction vehicle in northern Iraq,

(Shirqat) Four Iraqi soldiers have been killed in a bomb blast, north of Salahuddin province. Apparently the troops targeting where inside a vehicle responding to a terrorist attack against al-Hakna village in Shirqat, when an IED was detonated as they went by.

(Tuz Khurmatu) One paramilitary soldier was killed and 3 others njured in a bomb blast in Tuz Khurmatu town, in Salahuddin, last Wednesday.  During the same attack troops managed to kill four ISIS members in a different part of the region.

Ramadan death toll stands at 665