Sunday, June 10, 2018

Turkey: Completes 475 mile concrete wall along its border with Syria

(Ankara)  Whilst the likes of Turkey love to proclaim the wall that Israel has built between it and the West bank and Gaza as..racist and an affront to human dignity for all the world to hear. It has been reported that the much bigger concrete wall Turkey has been building along its border with syria, in which to keep out refugees and terrorists has just been completed. Yup the 475 mile concrete wall which was started in 2015 has been finished and a smaller wall along its border with Iran is almost complete as well.

The border wall incorporates physical, electronic and advanced technology layers.
The physical layer includes modular concrete walls, patrol routes, manned and unmanned towers and passenger tracks. The walls along the Turkish-Syrian border consist of seven-ton mobile blocks, two meters wide and three meters high. The blocks have also been topped with a one-meter-high razor wire.

The electronic layer consists of close-up surveillance systems, thermal cameras, land surveillance radar, remote-controlled weapons systems, command-and-control centres, line-length imaging systems and seismic and acoustic sensors.

Both of the above are topped up by an advanced technology layer which includes wide area surveillance, laser destructive fibre-optic detection, surveillance radar for drone detection, jammers and sensor-triggered short distance lighting systems.

I wonder when the liberals will start protesting this then?