Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sweden: Students reported for racism for quoting government facts on immigration.

(Umeå) In April students at the Dragonskolan (Dragon School) in Sweden knocked out a fact sheet quoting facts used by the Swedish government regards immigration:

  • They stated that the total cost of immigration in 2016 overshadowed that of Sweden's entire judicial system.
  • That illegal immigrants receive dental care for a symbolic SEK 50 ($6) at taxpayers' expense.
  • By 2050, it is estimated that if Sweden's immigration patterns continue at the current rate, 30 percent of the Swedish population will be Muslim.
  • And Swedes will become a minority before the turn of the century.

 Well Anna Sundelin the school's principal was having none of this, deemed the action "terrible" and "racist" and reported the incident to the Security Police SÄPO, she stated:
"This is terrible. I saw the leaflets myself. It is absolutely unthinkable that we have this kind of propaganda at our school,"
So in a nutshell, students who quoted facts from  the Crime Prevention Council, Pew and Statistics Sweden, have been banded and reported as racists by their snowflake head teacher