Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Belgium: New Iman Training manuals at the Grand Mosque of Brussels advocate jihad

(Brussels) A report by the Organ for Coordinating Threat Analysis (“OCAM”) (which replaces the Mixed Anti-Terrorism Group inside Belgium in 2006 ) into the background of the 2016 Brussels Attacks which saw 32 people murdered and another 340 injured have revealed some very disturbing facts.

The report which was recently submitted to the Parliamentary Review Committee for the Implications of the Brussels Attacks has revealed that the training of imams, delivered in Arabic, within the Islamic and Cultural Centre of Belgium (known as “the CICB”), which houses the Grand Mosque of Brussels, is currently inciting followers to enter into armed jihad. They are also being encouraged to persecute homosexuals and hold anti-Semitic views.

And the academics for the life in them cannot understand why there are so many no-go areas for non-Muslims in the county ,or why so many people from Belgium have turned to a life of unholy jihad.