Thursday, May 10, 2018

Syria: About the effectiveness of the Syrian air defence system.

(Damascus) These past few months the world has been regaled to just effective the Syrian air defence system is. I mean every time the IDF strikes them, we are informed that most of the missiles were shot down by the super-dooper Russian missiles systems that Syria has on its books. However what is always overlooked is how that one missile which did get through managed to wipe out 13 or so targets.

We saw this again the other week when the US,UK and France took out Syrian chemical depots, the Russians and Syrians waxed lyrical to the world that of the 103 missiles fired against the Assad regime, 71 were shot down.  Yet the fact remains is not only were the Russian depots wiped off the face of the map, but the radar elements of the Anti-Aircraft missile systems where surgically erased from the face of the planet by US  .

And so it was last night . The Syrian media extolled the fact that the vast majority of missiles fired against it were shot down, but the few that did get through  took out 50+ targets. The funny thing is, the IDF has just released a video of a strike against a SA22  Pantsir-S1 missile/gun system one of the newest and most advanced in the world, the thing is it not only failed to take out any incoming missiles, it failed to take out the one which destroyed it.