Saturday, May 5, 2018

US: Brietta Brown seeks Allahs forgiveness for Bus knife attack.

(Amherst) On Wednesday  26 year old Brietta Brown, boarded the B43 bus at Haigis Mall . 

Then as the vehicle got underway she pulled out a knife and slashed the throats of 2 innocent people. She was subdued by the Bus driver and the rest of the passengers and waited for the police to arrive. When they did Brown stated:
‘I hope Allah will forgive me’
On being placed in the squad car she started praying to Allah and continued to do so at the Police station.  Who simply placed her in a cell until she finished with her religious outporing.  Hgowever Her behaviour became more erratic where she started to drink toilet water, and asked multiple officers to shoot her in the head and referred to herself in the third person.

Brietta Brown,
She is currently being evaluated for a mental health condition, but will be charged with two counts of attempted murder, assault and battery and disturbing the peace.