Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Nigeria: Suicide idiots target mosque 24 murdered.

(Mubi)  I for one simply cannot understand this penchant around the world for Muslims to target their fellow muslims praying inside mosques with bomb and gun attacks. It goes against everything that Muslims stand for and yet, here we are today with the news that a couple of village idiots walked into a mosque in Islamic sharia run Nigeria and murdered a load of innocent people.

At around 1pm local time as people congregated at the local mosque for afternoon prayers, a idiot walked into the mosque and blew himself up killing 4 people, then as people rushed outside , a second dickhead waiting for such an event , detonated himself, killing another 20.
The terrorist group behind all this is Boko Haram, who state they are only killing people in order to enforce sharia alw on everybody, but the thing is, Northern (Islamic) Nigeria is run under..sharia law.