Thursday, May 3, 2018

Germany: Police strike back at migrants with a show of force.

(Ellwangen) on Monday police initiated an arrest warrant for Yussif O an illegal immigrant , however as they returned to their vehicle with Mr O, they found themselves surrounded by over 150 very angry asylum seekers who after trashing the squad car, informed the police that if they didn't release Yussif , they would be next.  The police on their own, decided that today was not a good day to die and so released Yussif .

Today in order to send the message to a lot of new German citizens that the rule of law overrules the rule of the Mob, the police carried out a huge raid on the asylum centre where Mondays incident took place

Several people were injured during the police deployment. With a number of refugees who jumped out of the windows of the building, suffering minor injuries. Police have confirmed that they have arrested 23-year-old Yussif who was supposed to be deported on Monday.