Friday, May 4, 2018

Australia: Wife of Jailed terrorist gives ISIS salute after being charged for contempt of court

(Sydney) 50 year old Moutia Elzahed is one of two wives  of Islamic State thug Hamid Alqudsi currently bending over 5 times a day (Picking up the dropped soap so he says) in an Australian prison. After his arrest Elzahed tried to sue the state and federal governments over claims of police violence during a raid on her Sydney home two years earlier. She was unsuccessful in that endeavour when she  lost her civil action and was ordered to pay $250,000 in police legal costs. However how she acted in court during those proceedings when she refused to stand for the judge or even show her face (Despite the Australian National Imams Council stating that Islamic defendants have no faith-based reason not to stand before a judge or uncover their faces while giving testimony.) is now going to add a loss of freedom to that $250K court costs.
Elzahed who tried to play the victim card in which to excuse her actions by claiming she receives abuse for being a Muslim, dug herself even deeper into a hole as she left court yesterday when she gave the ISIS salute in a infantile petty form of defiance.  She will be sentenced next month.