Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ramadan Death Count: Afghanstan: 24/05/18

(Charikar)  A young man in central Parwan province has killed 2 people and injured 3  members of his uncle’s family after they rejected his proposal to marry his cousin.  As is always the case the offended thug did a runner afterwards. No doubt heading west in search of asylum.

(Kabul)  The Afghan government has reported that over 90 armed oppositions including their 3 local commanders of Taliban and 4 ISIS members were killed and 34 others were wounded during joint military operations led by Afghan security forces across the country. One such operation took place in Uruzgan province where 16 ISIS thugs were killed; however the Afghan army lost 8 soldiers (additional to the 90 death toll above)

Elsewhere a Taliban attack on an Army post in Faryabn province saw 12 soldiers killed by the Taliban

Ramadan death toll stands at 299.