Sunday, May 6, 2018

Gaza: 6 poor terrorists blow themselves up, Hamas blames...Isreal

(Zawayda) Last night , somebody from Hamas’s engineering unit which I presume means bomb maker answered the wrong phone and blew up the building killing 6 of Hamas’s finest.  The IDF not known for mentioning when they have bombed somebody, reported that the blast had nothing to do with them. But as we are taking about the followers of the religion of honesty, peace, understanding and of course talking crap. 

The message can’t be promulgated that this was Allahs will, so the public relation  wing of the Terrorist group known as 'Hamas' knocked out a statement where they blamed the Jew. (What’s new)
"During a complicated security and intelligence operation conducted by Qassam Brigades to investigate a serious and a grave security incident conducted by the Zionist enemy against Palestinian resistance, a deplorable crime took place against our Mujahideen in the area of Zawayda in central Gaza Strip,"
Talk about convoluted or what.Me, I would have simply reported: “Thing’s that make you go boom!”