Thursday, May 10, 2018

UK: 17 Year old teen girl in court on ISIS attack charges.

(London)  Currently in the Uk we have a really strange case of how Safaa Boulara a 17 year old girl who fell in love via the net with an ISIS terrorist based in Syria and who dreamed of walking hand in hand with him whilst both wore suicide vests to their deaths, however she saw her dream dashed when he was killed in Syria by the Americans.

Safaa Boulara
So she decided to make the British people for his death by carrying out a terrorist attack on the British Museum.  Ok, I can accept that some love lorn people can do the most stupid things, but this is where it becomes even crazier . Her 44 year old mum and her 22 year old sister both offered to help her carry out said terrorist attack . 
Mina Dich the mother

Rizlaine Boular, the older sister 
Thankfully the old bill picked these 3 up , which is why they are currently under lock and key on trial. But hey 'the things we do for love':