Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Israel: Iran fires rocket barrage at Golan Heights

(Tel Aviv) In the early hours of Thursday morning, Iranian forces based inside Syria launched  a barrage of around 20 missiles at Israeli army positions on the Golan Heights.  

No damage has been reported with a number of missiles intercepted (Iron dome uses advance software to only intercepts missiles which may cause damage.) However the point to note is classic Hezb-allah tactics (as taught to them by Iran) is to use the cover of a missile strike in which to mask your real intention. 20 Missiles is nothing, either Iran has a missile shortage in theatre (which could explain the huge explosion the other night) or they are going to launch 20 a night for a while in which to keep the IDF busy while the mad mullahs do their thing. Or seeing as how the rockets were fired from the middle of a residential area. The Iranians were hoping for a counter strike to kill lots of people.