Sunday, May 6, 2018

India: 7 Muslims killed after they riot over 5 terrorists being taken out.

(Badigam village)  On Friday 33 year old assistant professor Mohammad Rafi Bhat at Kashmir University decided that he has , had enough of being a teacher and that being a terrorist is what he really wanted to be, so picking up a gun he and 4 others decided to take on the Indian army.

Unfortunately for them,  the army knew where they were meeting and surrounded the building they were at and asked them every so nicely (Including bringing Mohammeds father to ask him to surrender)  if they would like to leave, they emulating Jimmy Cagney, replied:
“Come and get me copper”
Which they did and 5 Pakistani funded terrorists ended up as worm food. Meanwhile when the local Muslim community heard that 5 blood thirsty Islamic terrorists were surrounded they took to the streets in which to try and distract the security forces enough so their terrorist kin could make a quick getaway (As has happened in the past)   However the Indian security forces have become wise to this tactic and used shotguns in which to disperse these poor followers of a religion of peace resulting in 7 killed and a few hundred injured. Well that’s what happens when you subscribe to an intolerant faith which quite happy defends Islamic terrorism. Oh I do love a story with a happy ending.