Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Italy: Failed refugees sue Rome for supporting Libya’s coastguard which stopped them travelling to Europe.

(Rome) Nigerian migrants who failed to cross from Africa to Italy last year have filed a lawsuit against Italy for violating their rights by supporting Libya’s efforts to stop them sailing across to Europe. It appears the numerous NGOs who precipitated the huge exodus by hundreds of thousands of migrants to take to the sea in overcrowded rafts and boats so they could they could be picked up a few miles off the Libyan coast and taken to Europe in which to start a new life aren’t happy at how Italy has supported the Libyan coastguard (LCG) by supplying boats and advice in which to stem that tide .

The newly invigorated Libyan coast guard have cut the number of people trying to get to Europe by sea by more than 80 percent this past year seeing only 6,700 attempting to cross. Over the same period, the Libyan Coast Guard intercepted almost 6,000 migrants and refugees. In 2017, the Libyans turned back almost 19,000. One of the methods used by the LCG has been to ban so called private rescue ship from Libyan waters. The NGOs claim they are putting lives at risk, in reply the LCG says, they have saved lives by removing the draw of a taxis service parked a few miles off shore which has attracted hundreds of thousands to make the journey.

Migrants being rescued by German NGO ship “Juventa” 

So in order to open up the flood gates to Europe again, a so called Human right action group ‘Global Legal Action Network,’ has decided to support 7 failed Nigerian Migrants who were intercepted by the LCG, returned to shore and then back to Nigeria. They are claiming Italy has acted illegally by:
“Using the Libyan Coast Guard as a proxy to turn back migrant boats is just a new way of camouflaging (Italy’s) strategy of fighting irregular migration in the Mediterranean by trapping them in what the Italian Foreign Ministry itself has qualified as ‘the hell’ of Libya,”
In other words they feel their human rights have been broached by how they were caught trying to get into Europe illegally by Libyans in Libyan territory and then returned back to their home countries by the UN. (Usually by air with $200 dollars spending money in their pocket)

If they win their case at the European Court of Human Rights, they are set to win millions in damages, see any support the EU gives to Libya in which to stop virtually millions of Economic migrants from the third world travelling to Europe stopped and risk thousands of drowning at sea as the floodgates are opened once again.

Just what is it about human rights groups and their penchant for promoting misery for all.