Monday, May 28, 2018

Ramadan Death Count: Iraq: 27/05/18

(Eebil)  A cockfight in Iraq's Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate resulted in the killing of 3 men with another 3 injured. Apparently the fight began with a simple quarrel between owners of the roosters in Al Diwaniyah city, and as this is the peaceful holy month of Ramadan they decided to settle their differences with  guns .

(Mosul)  A soldier was killed, while another was wounded in a confrontation with ISIS on the Iraqi-Syrian border, west of Mosul, Saturday.

(Anbar) Eight ISIS members were killed in airstrike carried out by the Iraqi army, west of Anbar, on Sunday.

(Mosul) Three ISIS terrorists were killed in an attack repelled by the pro-government paramilitary troops, south of Mosul, which also saw one service personnel killed.

(Zarka prison) Seven inmates have died of asphyxia in a fire started as part of a prison riot in Kurdish Northen Iraq instigated to cover a foiled breakout attempt, another 12 inmates are being treated for smoke inhalation. Apparently the riot was led by a convict sentenced to death on terrorism-related charges, who decided that his unholy cause wasn't worth dying for.

Ramadan death toll stands at 474