Monday, May 7, 2018

Venezuela:Inflation hits 13,779 percent

(Caracas) Across the free world the younger generation have this belief that the answer to all their problems is socialism . In the Uk, Labour the socialist opposition party promised loads of giveaways before last years general election:

  • The voting age would be reduced to 16.
  • Tuition fees would be scrapped.
  • Weekly EMA payments (Cash handouts to children aged between 16-19 not at University)  but in education
  • Cheap rail travel for adults up to the age of 30
  • Free bus travel up to the age of 25
  • Raise the tax level for those earning over £150K a year to 50p in the pound.
There was lots more, follow Costa Rica and scrap the countries defence, close all links with Israel and the US, join up with Russia. Open the Uk borders and allow anybody who wants to come here to be allowed to, Nationalise British industries, which is why Labour increased its % of the vote, but still lost .

Well, across the water in Venezuela, they have been doing exactly what Labour would love to do if they came into power.  and now 19 years later the fruits of that socialist dream are paying dividends: The country which has the largest oil deposits in the world is broke,  after everything was nationalised nobody could be bothered to work as hard they used to (still going to get paid)  and so everything started falling apart. It suffers daily power,water and food shortages, when the media mentioned this, the reporters were arrested, and private Newspapers and TV stations closed down. When the people protested, troops took to the street and protested. In order to remain in power 

Now it has been reported that inflation in the country has rose by 13,779 percent in the past year.

Funny enough if you mention the fall of oil rich Venezuela to all the European Socialists who wish to follow in its steps, they simply reply:  
"They aren't haven't implemented socialism correctly "