Sunday, May 13, 2018

Israel: Prepares for mass invasion from Gaza set to inflame liberals the world over.

(Jerusalem)  Tomorrow is May 15 or "Nakba Day" the day the Islamic world screams out to anybody who will listen regards the so called  refugee issue in the Levant. You know that one where they lament the status of around  700,000 Palestinians who fled or were expelled from Israel following the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948.  Whilst they wax lyrical about the Palestinians who left Israel, they conveniently leave out how when Israel declared independence in 1948 it was invaded by 5 different countries: Egypt, Jordan,Syria, Lebanon and Iraq whose mission statement was to push the Jews into the sea, and in order to do so, they informed all the local Palestinians to get out of the way of their armies and then return when the job was done. The thing is, they lost.

Not only that but around the same time virtually all the Islamic countries in the world kicked out their jews which funny enough numbered around the 700,000 figure and yet nobody mentions these people.
Unlike Israel which quickly assimilated all these Jewish refugees and afforded them citizenship, the Arab countries which told the Palestinians to get out of the way and now found them relocated to their countries not only refused to afford them citizenship, they treated them like dirt. However in order to deflect attention from how actually they were the architects for the plight of the Palestinians , they instead blamed the Jew. Which is where I came in with Nakba day.
Hamas is the ruler of Gaza, due to their mismanagement of the tiny state, the situation inside Gaza is dire , Water , electricity is intermittent  building materials meant for building homes are diverted to build tunnels. Aid money ends up in the private bank accounts of Hamas leaders and the plebs aren't happy. So like all the Arabs  nations in the neighbourhood, Hamas has blamed the Jew, and they have done so by claiming that the poor lot of the peoples of Gaza is simply due to Israel stealing the land of the Palestinians. which is where the "Great March of Return" protests come in. 
As we have seen, Hamas has been sending the young to attack the border fence  in which to get Israel to retaliate and polarise the world against them.  Tomorrow Hamas is planning on sending hundreds of thousands of Gazans to invade Israel , something no country (other than Germany and Sweden)  will allow, knowing full well Israel will not allow this to happen, resulting in mass deaths. (Funny enough whilst Hamas is sending the plebs to die on the border, their leadership is having a good time in Eygpt)

Tomorrow people will die on the Gaza/Israeli border simply because Hamas has fucked up in running Gaza and instead of doing the right thing and resigning , they instead intend to divert attention away from their mismanagement by having Israel kill and injure people as they march on and breech the Israeli border. But the worse part, the world will blame the Jew.