Tuesday, May 1, 2018

UK: A year after suicide attack which killed 32 people, Officials bemoan anger at 100 buses carrying "For the love of Allah, save a life" posters

(Manchester)  Last May 23 a suicide bomber targeted a children's pop concert at Manchester Arena killing 23 people and injuring 512 more. That was less than a year ago, so the memories of that awful day are still fresh in the minds of Mancunians. So you can imagine the shock, horror and disgust at how Manchester Transport bosses felt it was a good idea to plaster 100 buses in Manchester with the catch line:

"For the love of Allah, save a life" 

As you may have gathered , the above hasn't gone down well with the locals and instead of showing the same mindset of asking people to be sensitive around Muslims during Ramadan  in case they are offended, nobody in Manchester appears to have thought how people will be offended by the above poster, seeing as how most Suicide bombers have a habit of uttering "Allah ackba" when they carry out their evil deed. Nope, to the ethical latte drinkers at Manchester council anybody who has expressed their disdain can only be a...racist.