Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sweden: Town ok's the Islamic call to prayer to be broadcasted by speaker..bans Church bells.

(Växjö)  This week the council in a small Swedish town ok’d a request by the local Islamic community in which to afford them the right to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer from loudspeakers for all to hear.  This decision hasn’t gone down well with a lot of Swedes, who feel that the country is losing its Christian identity due to political correctness.

Well , that above just became a lot more contentious when the vicar of a nearby church has revealed that the very same council which rubber-stamped the call to prayer have twice refused the church to sound its bell  in which to mark mark Sunday services and special occasions like funerals.

Isn't it a strange state of affairs when the people who pay the wages of these councillors are abandoned on the altar of political correctness  in which to remake a stable and successful country into a third-world shit hole.