Friday, June 19, 2015

New 'Peace Flotilla' to set sail from Sicily for Gaza

(Sicily) Currently, hundreds of thousands of people are sailing up to 17 miles off the coast of Libya in which to get picked up by EU ships in which to be transported to the Italian mainland in search of a new life. The subject is a bone of contention with every EU state and is still being played out.

Meanwhile in Sicily, another flotilla of boats is getting ready to make the journey in the opposite direction. Yes, it's that time of year when the liberals of the world who remain silent on Hamas, Boko Haram, ISIS, the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the rest on their murderous ways in which to have a dig at Israel. So in order to do so, they have put together a motley collection of small boats in which to break the blockade on Gaza.

Oh, hang on, did I say break the blockade? Here is what the 'Rear Admiral' of this flotilla has to say on the matter of taking aid to Gaza:
Activist Kalle Ohlsson said the flotilla's main objective was not to bring aid, but to open Gaza's port to allow freedom of movement and trade.
Hang on, did I read that right? Maybe Kalle should read the news more often, as this is what happened between Gaza and Israel only 2 days ago.
Israel allows 660 trucks into Gaza
Not only that but Kalle has this to say as well:
"Our aim is to end the siege of Gaza. We want the Palestinians to know that we haven't forgotten about them. There are many crises in the world, but the situation in Gaza is also really bad, and we do remember them."
Really, as here is what was happening between Israel and Hamas also 2 days ago:
I did love reading about the group's concerns for their safety:
Ohlsson says there are also concerns about how the Israeli military will react once the boats reach international waters.

"We're very concerned about safety. We have a strict non-violence policy. We're hoping Israel won't use violence against us."
Let's hope they don't get caught by any jihadists who, I'm sure you'll agree, would be more than happy to make a home video with these so called peace loving idiots. You know, those videos that begin with an "Allahu Akbar" and end with a scream. Funny enough, as bad as these people make out the Jews are, I've yet to see anybody made into a film star in such a way at the hands of the IDF.

Funny that.