Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nazi dickhead Zack Davies in court for attempted murder

(Wales) Zack Davies, a loner fascinated with far right ideologies and violent video games, screamed “white power” as he launched a racially-motivated machete and hammer attack on a dentist of Indian origin. On 14 January he spotted Bhambra on the street in Mold at lunchtime and followed him to a Tesco supermarket where he attacked him from behind with a claw hammer and 30cm-long machete in front of shoppers and children. Bhambra was saved after an ex-soldier, Peter Fuller, stepped in to help. Davies told Fuller: “We are under attack,” but Fuller said what he was doing was madness and Bhambra had not done anything.

The jury heard how Davies would sit in his flat playing violent video games for six or seven hours a day. Expelled from school at 11 for bringing in a knife to school, Davies became a loner and admitted carrying a weapon with him every day since he was 15 because of his growing paranoia. He was described in court as a racist with a fascination for far right ideologies. In interview he told police that maybe the wrong side had won the second world war. The court heard items associated with white supremacy and Nazism were found at Davies’s home, including swastika badges and Combat 18 material.

So, naturally, when this waste of space saw Dr Sarandev Bhambra, a dentist who was out buying his lunch, all he saw was a Muslim, besides the fact that it is bloody wrong to attack anybody, Dr Bhambra has a middle name, and it's Singh. A name all Sikhs have, and the most loyal soldiers the British ever had were the Sikhs, and yet dick splash whose only loyalty was to his right hand, presumed incorrectly that somebody with brown skin could only be a threat to the country. What a plank. Hopefully, Zack will find that his new cell mate is a big black man with Aids who loves nothing more than a white arse in front of him.