Saturday, June 20, 2015

French FM calls for renewed Mideast peace talks. And no, he is not talking about Syria or Iraq.

With the mass slaughter bordering on genocide going on in Syria and Iraq, huge civilian casualties caused by Saudi Arabia's bombing of Yemen, ISIS influence spreading to Africa, Afghanistap and Pakistan - just to name a few - the greatest concern of the "international community" is... Jews building homes in Judea and Samaria... because that is the impediment of peace in the Middle East?

This is truly bizarre.
Cairo (The Times of Israel) - French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius is expected in Jerusalem and Ramallah on Sunday to promote his country’s proposal for restarting peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

He is scheduled to meet separately with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

“What’s important is that negotiations restart,” Fabius told reporters during a visit to Cairo, where he held what he said were intensive talks with Egyptian officials on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

“We need Israel’s security to be totally assured, that is essential, but at the same time we need the rights of the Palestinians to be recognized because without justice there can be no peace,” Fabius said.

“From this point of view, when settlement building continues, (the prospect of) a two-state solution recedes,” he said.

The French initiative seeks a UN Security Council resolution which would set a timetable of 18 months for a final status agreement, and according to French media reports would threaten French recognition of Palestine should negotiations fail. Israel would likely vehemently oppose such a resolution.