Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nigerian Sharia court sentences 9 people to death for blasphemy

(Kano) Nigeria is a country of 2 halves. The top half of the country is Islamic, the bottom half is Christian. For some strange reason, the top half is a lot poorer, beset by internal strife and run by Sharia law. Yes, that's right, since 1999, the northern Islamic states voted for and got the right to rule by Sharia law. Here's a break down of the current state of play in the country.

Sharia in Nigeria
The key reads as follows:

   Sharia plays no role in the judicial system
   Sharia applies in personal status issues only
   Sharia applies in full, including criminal law

Funny enough, the idiots in Boko Haram, who have been waging their murderous campaign for Sharia Law on all, have done so primarily in the yellow section above. Anyway, that is another story. In Kano, the largest city in the Islamic half of the country, an Islamic court has found 9 people guilty of blasphemy and sentenced them to death. So, just what happened for them all to receive such a severe sentence? Well, it turns out that these people are Muslims, albeit from a different strand than the ubiquitous violent Sunni lot. These people belong to the Tijaniya sect who apparently were heard to proclaim to anybody who could hear that the founder of their sect was bigger than Muhammed. Which is strange as the biggest event for these Muslims isn’t Ramadan but rather the birth of Mohammed. But hey, you know what its like living amongst Sunni Muslims in predominantly Islamic lands when they feel the need to whittle down the opposition? Out comes the blasphemy card and off with your head.

It appears that the sect was celebrating the birth of their founder when the local Muslims took umbrage and attacked them during a procession through Kano last month. In handing down the sentences the Sharia court explained:
"We are happy the Sharia court handed the death sentences to the nine people who made the blasphemous statements against the Holy Prophet, the sentence should remind Muslims that blasphemy attracts the ultimate penalty.

"The concern is mobs would take extrajudicial action if these convicts are for whatever reason released because they would certainly kill them when they see them on the streets,"
Well, that’s alright them, kill the bastards because if you don’t the braying foaming at the mouth mob will. Funny enough a lot of these people who have seen their country ruined by Islamic law are moving on mass to Europe in which to enrich us all with their magnanimous nature.