Wednesday, June 24, 2015

British police identify 300 potential suspects in Rotherham in respect to child abuse. Vast majority are... Muslims

(England) Last year the authorities in the town of Rotherham had a lot of explaining to do when it was revealed by an inquiry that political correctness had led to 1400 girls becoming victims of paedophiles and the like, the vast majority (and I mean vast majority) being Pakistani Muslims. In fact, the inquiry found out that instead of acting on any complaint, the police, Council and public health bodies not only kept quiet in fear of being classed as... racists, they actually blamed the victims for their predicament. The left-wing council, instead of resigning on mass, played the victim game by blaming everybody. Then, when the government took control, they resigned on mass whilst still playing the victim game.

Well, that expose by a newspaper (The Times) lead to a whole new look at Islamic sex crimes around the country, and hundreds of Muslims have been arrested on charges of child rape.

Rotherham, the start of all, wasn't forgotten and a new inquiry was put in place, and today the National Crime Agency revealed that it had identified 300 suspects in regards to historic sexual exploitation of minors, and the vast majority are... Muslim. 300 men, from one town, the vast majority Muslims.

Anybody else feel that this self righteous crusade by those on the left of the political spectrum in which to silence anything about Islam has been nothing but a disaster?

Heads have to roll and not only of those who like little white girls, but also of all these left-wing arseholes who for years silenced so many victims and their families by playing the race card.