Monday, June 29, 2015

Game for a Laugh... Egyptian style

(Cairo) During the 80s in the Uk there ran a show called 'Game for a Laugh', where unwitting member's of the public were pranked and how we all laughed. Here's one such example.

Well, its Ramadan and all over the Middle East, audiences switch on their TVs and do nothing but watch the Box until its time to eat. So just like the Western Christmas season, The Arabs spend a lot of time and effort in knocking out the best TV shows and they too have their version of Game for a Laugh. But rather than just have a laugh they really do go to town. So for example this past week we heard about how Paris Hilton was taken up in an plane, which then was made to act if it was going to crash. (Watch from 6.30 mins) Gee I haven't laughed so much since me grannie died. Not!

I'm sorry, but as much as I am so not into laughing at how Miss Hilton has the living crap scared out of her, that isn't entertainment and it certainly isn't funny. Maybe I've become long in the tooth and don't understand the current standard for comedy but then I was always brought up not to laugh at somebody else's misfortune. Which is why I'm a fan of truly well written comedy:

Unfortunately, well written comedy is a bloody hard act to find nowadays. Which is why most is a good few years old. So after the Paris Hilton in a crashing aircraft stunt, you'd think that the Egyptians couldn't get any lower could you? Think again.

The latest show has a Syrian Pop star ‘Yakhour’ being taken out to sea by the film crew which is then intercepted by a false Israeli patrol boat, where they were captured by uniformed “Israelis” who board the yacht, and tell the passengers they are under arrest for entering Israeli territorial waters.  blindfolded and returned to land — to an “Israeli” army base on the beach, complete with watch-towers, Hebrew signs, buildings bearing Stars of David, and Hebrew-speaking soldiers.

Yakhour is then interrogated at gunpoint. Sounds of torture, screams and dogs barking are audible to him as he is questioned. “We were in the Egyptian water,” Yakhour protests in English to his captors. “I swear. You kidnapped us. You brought us here.” Later, he pleads: “I’m not the captain of the ship.” The cruel “Israelis,” unimpressed by Yakhour’s protestations of innocence, now march him out of the interrogation room and force him to his knees on the sand outside. An “Israeli” officer puts a gun to the back of his head. Yakhour plainly believes he is about to be executed.

Then a burst of gunfire rings out, people start running in all directions, and Yakhour is pulled to his feet and encouraged to flee. The hoaxer now appears alongside Yakhour, and urges him, “Run! Come on! Don’t be afraid!” Eventually, The Syrian sinks to his knees, recognizing the prank, and looking drained and furious. The prank ends with the hoaxer and victim reconciled, and declaring to the cameras that they would “never come to terms with Israel.”

That, people, is what transpires for quality TV in the Middle East. Scare the living delights out of somebody, then blame the Jew.

Now if in the West somebody had done something similar . Say getting kidnapped by somebody with an ISIS flag who threatens to chop your head off. There would be a court hearing, charges of Islamophobia would be made and no doubt the Prime Minster/President of that country would offer a formal apology to Islam. However when it’s done in the Middle East, and there's a Jew involved.

Why, its Game for a laugh.