Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Scotland Yard forms a SWAT team

(London) The British police are on the whole unarmed policemen. Yes, they have armed units, but they are few and far between, which is why gun crime is rife in the UK. Anyway, whilst the British Bobby tries to promote the image that being unarmed is the way to go, idiots have said otherwise, which is why more black people have been shot dead since 2001 in London by black people than Soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Then we have the increase of idiots who subscribe to the mores of Islamic intolerance and like to do nothing more than take a walk on the beach/city/shopping mall in which to kill as many people going.

During the attacks in India and Kenya, it was found that the gun totting terrorists were better armed than the security forces, and the Met have taken note of this and set up a squad of highly trained police officers who are equipped to fight fire with fire.

Sorry, did I say fight fire with fire? Here are the guidelines this new rapid reaction police force will have to abide by.
The new unit would aim to arrest the attackers, but would be prepared to contain and “neutralise” them. “We’re police officers, not soldiers. We’re not at war. Our job is to arrest people.

Even if faced with a gunman or gunmen on the rampage, the unit would not have orders to shoot to kill, but would be told to use minimum force. They would not be “firing the maximum number of bullets” and their actions would be subject to the criminal law.
Good to see that the police have the safety of the British public at hand by not allowing them to do their job. Think I'm kidding? The CPS spent £30,000 trying to convict a traffic policeman who chased a man who failed to pay at a petrol station in a marked car for... dangerous driving. On his day in court the judge threw it out saying:
He deserved praise not prosecution for chasing the criminal and said it was a 'pleasure' to see him go free.
The only way the UK can combat crime (including terrorism) is to allow the people who keep us safe to do their job.