Sunday, June 21, 2015

How Muslims use political correctness to excuse their bigotry in the UK

(UK) The other day, the British Prime Minster spoke out about how Muslims in the UK, who live parallel lives within our midst, resort ever so quickly to blaming the authorities for the rot within their communities.

Instead of looking in the mirror for the intolerance which is written into the DNA of Islam, they instead play the political correctness card in which to excuse their inactivity to tackle their own. This we have seen by how terrorists have excused their actions because they were stopped by the police. How the families of 3 schools girls who buggered off to Syria, blamed the police, even when evidence was found of the same families taking their children to radical Islamist protests. And currently, the families of 3 mothers who relocated to Syria in which to live a life of Murder Death Kill are doing likewise.

Instead of telling these idiots to shut the f-ck up or leave the country, the authorities go out of their way in which to accommodate the requests of these racist bigots so as not to be classed as racists themselves.

Which is why Islamic arseholes  get away with their bigoted ways on the streets of London. Here is a video of Islamic fuck-wit Choudary who confronts a policeman on the streets of the capital for wearing a Help the Heroes band. Yes, the hate monger who defends the actions of terrorists across the world (but appears to remain here for the benefits), not only gets away with abusing a policeman but succeeds in getting him to remove it. Can you imagine the outcry if a Muslim was told to remove a Hamas, Hezb-allah, ISIS flag on a protest march in London. That, people, is how far political correctness has ruined the UK.

Watch how so many Muslims not only remain silent on this religious agitator strutting his stuff, but support his actions by watching and laughing at the policeman. Yup, it seems the PM was correct when he stated that many Muslims support the more extreme elements of Islam within our midst.