Monday, June 22, 2015

Ramadan Death Count Round Up (June 22, 2015)

(Afghanistan) This morning, 6 gun totting idiots with nothing better to do decided to attack the Afghan Parliament. This they kicked off by having some thick twat detonate a huge car bomb outside and whilst uttering 'Allah Ackba' went in guns blazing. The problem for Allah's faithful was, the rest of the Afghans have got kind of used to these attacks, and after a short gun fight, all 6 idiots were sent packing to hell to meet their maker. Unfortunately, 2 civilians were murdered by these f-ing religious bigots.

In Helmand Province, ISIS affiliated idiots attacked a checkpoint in the Garah area of Kajaki District. All 6 attackers were killed in the ensuring gunfight and their bodies were left at the side of the road.

(Kashmir) It appears that Pakistani terrorists just don't subscribe to the peaceful tenets of Islam, which the world's liberals tell me all Muslims subscribe to. Which is why during the so called holy month of Ramadan, they have stepped up the ante against India, which today saw 2 of their own killed when the Indian security forces hunted them down after they sneaked into India. In the ensuing gunfight, 2 Indian soldiers were injured.

(Iraq) An ongoing operation against ISIS in the city of Fallujah saw 17 of the blood thirsty terrorists become worm food.

Meanwhile in Mosul, ISIS publicly executed 3 former government officials by firing squad after kidnapping them from their homes. However, ISIS haven't had it all their own way in the area, as the Kurds have killed 42 gun totting thugs, including 8 German citizens. In reply ISIS executed 26 people on charges of spying. (More like plain and simply blood lust)

Elsewhere, bombs have been detonated inside markets, primarily in the Baghdad area, killing at least 8 people. A drive by shooting saw 2 government officials murdered in Baghdad.

(Somalia) For the first time, the Somalian Government bombed Al Shabab from the air today, striking at a clan meeting in the town of Bardhere. The airstrike saw senior al-Shabaab commander Yusuf Hagi killed alongside several of his buddies.

(Libya) A car bomb detonated near Libyan troops outside Benghazi killed 4 and injured another 20 on Monday.

(Egypt) Continuing their security operation in the restive Northern Sinai region of the country. The Army pounced on a gathering of terrorists  outside a mosque south of the Sheikh Zuwayed (town) who were planning an attack on security points. They also targeted a vehicle with four militants and two more riding a motorcycle.  This resulted in 22 terrorists getting killed.

(Nigeria2 teenage female suicide bombers walked into a fish market in the city of Maiduguri, and then waited for people to congregate for Ramadan prayers blew themselves up. The first girl was behind all the deaths, (30)  the second girl apparently got cold feet and blew up as she was running away from the scene killing nobody bar herself.

(Pakistan)  A riot in a refugee camp in the North Waziristan region of the country saw 2 people killed. A father who took exception to his son being asked to register , went away and came back with a lot of friends who started stoning the soldiers. Problem for them, the soldiers didn't use stone to fight back. 10 others were wounded.

(Yemen) A man was killed and 2 injured when an IED placed in a car work shop in the region of Shabwah exploded. 3 people were killed last night when rebels shelled the city of Aden. 12 fighters (from both sides) were killed during an attack on an airbase near the city of Lahj, and in the town of Daleh to the north of the country, 15 rebels were killed in an overnight ambush by pro-government fighters, who lost 2 of their own in the process.

(Kenya) Mohamed Barre Abdullahi, a Kenyan government administrator in the country’s restive northeast, was shot dead after evening prayers at a mosque on Saturday, officials said. Authorities believe the attack was carried out by the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab, which has stepped up operations in Kenya’s northeastern border region, including drawing up an alleged “hit list” of local government officials who have spoken out against the group, branding them “agents of infidels”

Ramadan death toll is now at 767.