Saturday, June 27, 2015

Australia: 16-year-old Muslim faces terrorism charges after compiling list of people to behead

(NT News) A DARWIN teenager could be facing terrorism charges after he allegedly compiled a list of people he wanted to behead.

The 16-year-old was arrested Wednesday after a raid by a strike force of Northern Territory Police investigating property offences.

The list and other materials, including a personal communication device that is understood to contain material linking the boy to Islamic State, was discovered at that time.

It was not immediately clear if the list contained names of people the suspect knew or names of others.

NT Police’s Strike Force Trident raided the boy’s accommodation at Yirra House in Darwin and he was subsequently charged with property offences.

It is believed the AFP was already aware of the teen. The federal agency made the link when he was being booked by Territory police.

The personal communication device is considered contraband at the secure residential care facility that mostly holds troubled teens in government care.

The device is understood to also contain other information of concern to federal authorities.

The NT News understands the teen has been in the custody of the Northern Territory’s Department of Children and Family Services for years. He most recently resided at Yirra House.

The teen had also served time at Darwin’s Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre.