Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ramadan hypocrisy: Over 100 people admitted to hospital in Dubai for... overeating

(Dubai) How many times have you heard some plank go on about how by fasting during Ramadan Muslims express a much more holistic way in which to show their devotion to… god? Yes, that all we non-Muslims hear from liberal ethical chattering classes at this time of year about just how wonderful the Islamic world is because of... fasting. But hang on, here’s a little something these wankers don’t tell you. Muslims only fast during daylight hours. As soon as the sun comes up, they stop feeding, and as soon as it goes down they can eat away. (Does that remind anybody else of how a supernatural creature also eats?)

So instead of actually not eating over a whole month, Muslims only stop feeding during the day, which is why they gorge themselves first thing in a morning and last thing at night. It explains why so many Muslims actually put on weight during Ramadan and why over 100 people in the tiny state of Dubai have found themselves in hospital due to… overeating.

So much for fasting, so much for being pious. Ever had the feeling all this talk about being pious is a huge con job?