Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ramadan Death Count Round Up (June 27, 2015)

(Turkey) 2 weeks ago, Hakan Narlı was divorced by his wife Şerife Akkulak. Like most former married couples, he popped over to his ex's for a cha, and whilst there, he murdered her. This he followed up by murdering his ex-mother-in-law, ex-brother-in-law and his two children.

(Egypt) Security forces shelled different areas of North Sinai on Friday, killing 10 people believed to belong to the Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis militant group. Clashes also occurred between security forces and armed men near the Rafah border crossing, the sources said, leaving one killed and two more injured.

(Iraq) 12 people have been killed after a slew of bombs were detonated in Baghdad today. The first targeted a street of shops which sold car parts, killing 5 injuring 13. The second was detonated inside a market which killed 3 and injured 8, while a third was set off outside shops killing 2 and wounding 8. It's as if these idiots have something against shoppers.

80 ISIS idiots were said to have been killed during air strikes on the city of Kirkuk today. Thirty-five terrorists were killed in Bashir district, 25 kilometres south of Kirkuk. Meanwhile, 45 terrorists, including one reported ISIS commander, were killed in Riyadh district and Rusuliyah town, both in the south-eastern part of the city.

3 terrorists were killed in the battle for Baiji yesterday by Iragi forces as they continue their push north from Tikrit.

A leading commander in ISIS (Abdullah Mohammed al-Huran) was killed during an airstrike in the city of Mosul.

(Syria) The death toll in Kobani has unfortunately increased from 164 to 206. Adding 42 to the total. 18 additional ISIS idiots can also be added making a total of 60 of the f-kers killed.

3 separate assaults by ISIS against Syrian government outposts Friday has resulted in the deaths of 40 soldiers.

Indiscriminate rocket attacks have killed 3 people in the city of Daraa these past 2 days (Friday/Saturday).

(Afghanistan) A couple of armed assaults on police checkpoints in northern Kunduz saw the attacks repelled, with 19 people killed and around a dozen wounded.

An attempted hijacking by Taliban terrorists in Nangarhar province saw 9 of them killed and another 3 wounded when the police caught them in the act.

A roadside bomb detonated as a police vehicle went by in Laghman province saw 2 people killed and another 2 injured.

(Pakistan) Police in Karachi killed 4 and arrested 2 more during a couple of gang related gun battles. Hand grenades and weapons were recovered from the scene.

(Yemen) 14 people were killed in clashes between the Houthis and Saudi-led forces near the southern port city. In northern Aden, eight civilians were killed, including a woman and her three children, in random shelling by Houthi fighters on residential areas in the al Mansoura and Sheikh Othman districts.

(Mali) Islamist terrorists attacked a town in western Mali near the border with neighbouring Mauritania before dawn on Saturday, leaving up to 11 people dead, including three soldiers and eight attackers.

(Niger) Government forces hunting down the Boko Haram idiots who murdered 5 people the other day, got their chance when they caught up with them and killed 15 Boko Haram Islamic terrorists, captured 20 others and destroyed ammunition cars and motorcycles.

Ramadan death toll is now at 1,970.