Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ramadan Death Count Round Up (June 23, 2015)

(Afghanistan) Rahmatullah, the deputy to the Taliban’s shadow governor for northern Kunduz province, picked a bad day for a bit of R&R today, as the house he and his sidekick were resting in was swooped upon by the Afghan army. As they tried to flee, they happened to meet a number of bullets, and thus the story ends.

(Pakistan) Police in Faisalabad shot dead 17-year-old Fahad Javaid Tuesday as he and his friend walked down a street and he stopped to take pictures of himself with a toy gun. Police, on seeing Fahad, took no chances and fired first and asked questions later.

An IED attack in North Waziristan, which targeted a security vehicle, resulted in 1 dead and 6 injuries.

Army Rangers on the hunt for Islamic terrorists in Karachi killed as many as 10 allah ackba uttering idiots Tuesday night

(Philippines) Hours after Abu Sayyaf member Abdullah, alias Al-Khobar, was arrested by security forces on the restive Philippine Island of Basilan, two separate bomb attacks took the lives of 2 soldiers and injured 3 others.

(Algeria) Security forces killed two terrorists during a security sweep near the town of Tiguenatine. Other than the bodies, a Kalashnikov submachine gun, a Beretta automatic pistol, a quantity of ammunition and a cell phone were recovered from the scene.

(Libya) An airstrike by the Libyan air force on the ISIS controlled Sirte region saw 15 idiots go up in smoke.

The Libyan Navy, trying its best in which to preserve its honour, opened fire on a migrant rubber dinghy, killing one person.

At least 17 Libyan army soldiers belonging to former General Khalifa Haftar’s brigades were killed while 50 others were injured when violent clashes broke out between Haftar’s forces and the Shura Council forces near Benghazi on Monday night.

Ramadan death toll is now at 837.