Friday, June 26, 2015

ISIS Calls for Ramadan 'Month of Disaster'

(NBC) Terrorists launched horrific attacks across three continents Friday, killing dozens of people just days after ISIS urged supporters to unleash "a month of disaster" during the Muslim holy period of Ramadan.

A man was decapitated in an apparent Islamist attack on a U.S.-owned gas factory in southeastern France, while 25 worshipers were killed and 200 wounded during Friday prayers at a Shi'ite mosque in Kuwait.

In Tunisia, gunmen sparked panic at a beach resort, opening fire and killing at least 28 people — mostly foreigners.

While ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in Kuwait, there were no immediate claims of responsibility for the other assaults.

Governments around the world condemned the attacks and went into high alert. Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron called an emergency security meeting of officials in London, while France stepped up security at key sites and held a similar summit of defense chiefs at the Elysee in Paris.

While there was little to suggest any co-ordination between the atrocities, experts noted how they came shortly after ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani called on supporters to step up their activities.

"O mujahidin everywhere, rush and move to make Ramadan a month of disaster," he said Tuesday, encouraging Islamists to "embark and hasten towards jihad."

Charlie Winter, of London's Quilliam Foundation, said: "Whether or not there is any link at all between these attacks, they are likely to be inspired by the same ideals."

Olivier Giutta, security analyst with GlobalStrat, said the Tunisia attack was "a major PR coup for ISIS," even if the group was not directly responsible.