Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ramadan Death Count Round Up (June 24, 2015)

(Nigeria) At least 42 people were shot dead by suspected Boko Haram gunmen in attacks on two villages in Biu and Hawul districts of northeast Nigeria’s Borno state, a police officer said Wednesday. In the neighbouring state of Yobe a suicide attack carried out by a 12-year-old girl resulted in the deaths of 10 people.

(China) 18 people died in a bomb-and-knife attack by ethnic Uighurs on unarmed traffic police in China’s Xinjiang region. The attack on Monday began when a car sped through a police checkpoint, and two passengers rushed out of the car and stabbed two police officers to death. A battle then ensued involving three more attackers and armed police who arrived at the scene. This resulted in 15 suspected terrorists getting killed, with 18 deaths in total.

Mind you, I do have to admire the bBC's attempts to excuse this murderous attack by reporting:
"One possible motive could be the tight restrictions placed on Muslim Uighurs during Ramadan."
(Afghanistan) Security sweeps by the National Army saw 37 terrorists killed and another 41 injured.

In recapturing the district of Kunduz from the Taliban who took control the other day, the Afghan army is claiming it killed 85 terrorists and injured another 15 in the process.

(Somalia) A car bomb attack on a United Arab Emirates diplomatic convoy saw at least 12 people killed. The ambassador survived the attack as he was travelling in an armoured vehicle.

(Iraq) A suicide bomb attack on a meeting of elders in Iraq just north of Baghdad saw 14 people killed and at least 24 injured.

(Egypt) Continuing their push against Islamic terrorists in Northern Sinai, Egyptian forces today reported that they have killed 22 terrorists.

(Israel) A 60-year-old man found bloodied and beaten in an agricultural field between Pedaya and Carmei Yosef in central Israel earlier Wednesday has died from his wounds. The man, a farmer and resident of the city of Rehovot, had been attacked by an Arab gang - apparently a group of the many Palestinian Arabs who regularly illegally enter Israeli cities in search of employment.

Ramadan death toll is now at 1,081.