Friday, June 26, 2015

9 people to be flogged for selling food during Ramadan

(Jakarta) Ramadan is an Islamic invention. Muslims fast for a month in which to express their religious devotion. Muslims will always tell you that they don't force their faith on others, but that actually when people see for themselves the wonders of Islam, they revert back to Islam. (Muslims believe that everybody was born a Muslim, hence they refer to converts as reverts.)

Well, for 9 people in Banda Aceh, reverting back to Islam won't be at the top of their agenda. It seems that while Ramadam laws are only supposed to apply to Muslims (try telling that to liberals in the West who demand we respect Muslims by not eating in front of them), these non-Muslims were arrested by the religious thought police and have now been sentenced to be flogged for selling food between the hours of dawn and 4pm.