Wednesday, February 20, 2019

UK: Hussein Brothers jailed for carrying out a machete attack inside a supermarket

(Bristol) Last August 31st 36 year old Naveed Hussain whilst out shopping got into a tussle with 44-year-old Zebeullam Mayakhial and came off second best. Unable to take this loss of face, he phoned his younger brother to help him regain his honour.

So picking up a machete on his way out of the door, 34 year old  Razwan Hussain, travelled over to the Tesco supermarket in Eastville with bloody revenge in mind. On his arrival he quickly paired up with his brother and like a pack of rabid dogs (Pakistani ones at that) chased down their victims inside the supermarket , attacking the 21 year old inside the foyer and then with a single blow of the machete, Razwan came close to severing Mayakhial arm. Then the pair of these thugs made a hasty getaway. Customers inside the store who witnessed the attack believed that they were in the midst of a terrorist incident and fled for their lives.

Naveed Hussain, left and Razwan Hussain, right 
Police quickly identified the brothers and a citywide alert was put in action by armed police. Razwan was arrested a week later after being found by officers hiding at a relative’s home, while Naveed handed himself in after five days. In court their brief related how the brothers were family men who had been victims of violence in the past. Unfortunately for these two violent thugs, the judge was having none of the ‘I am a victim’ card and  sent both down. Razwan Hussain received a 10 and a half year sentence and his older brother Naveed was given a 2 year stretch.