Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Saudi Arabia: To build the AK103 assult weapon as the West turns away

(Riyadh)  Whilst the Western world liberals suckle at the teat of Iranian propaganda regards what a nasty place Saudi Arabia is and thus demand the cutting off of all links to the country. The Saudis like everybody else who have faced diplomatic isolation from the West have simply turned to those who don't give a toss about human rights , which is why the home of Islam has turned to China and Russia in which to source its weapons.  The other year Saudi Arabia purchased a factory for $10 billion off the Chinese in which to build the Wing Loong (the Chinese version of the Reaper Drone)  which in turn has been exported to all the neighbours. (Egypt/Iraq/UAE/Nigeria)

In a deal with the Ukraine Saudi Arabia is to receive 30 Antonov An-178 transport aircraft which is similar to the C130 J Hercules 

The French (who don't give a toss who they sell to) have just knocked out a deal to build warships in Saudi Arabia, And now the Russians have revealed that they are going to build a factory inside Saudi Arabia in which to manufacture the AK 103 assault rifle following in the steps of Venezuela which has 2 plants producing the same weapon.