Thursday, February 21, 2019

Venezuela: Closes border with Brazil to stop aid getting through

(Caracas) As Venezuela continues to fail economically, International Aid has started to pile up in warehouses in countries that border it, in which to help the people. The problem is, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro and his cronies understand only too well that if he lets in the Aid, he is publicly admitting that his socialist derived economic policies have failed and that would lead to increased calls for his resignation.  Which is why for the past few weeks he’s been playing the ‘The US wants to invade us’ in which to rally the plebs into supporting him. Problem is people aren't buying this anymore and the opposition inside the country is growing bigger, in fact so much bigger, he has replaced his Venezuelan  bodyguards for Russians due to trust issues. Well as pressure mounts for him to allow in the Aid, today he gave his answer.

He has ordered closing  the border with Brazil effected Thursday evening in which to prevent the importation humanitarian aid he also said on stated on his television broadcast  he's also considering a closure of Venezuela's border with Colombia. Gee isn’t socialism great.