Thursday, February 7, 2019

Syria: IS suspects say they are desperate to return to their former lives in UK

(Kurdistan) IS suspects captured hiding amongst women and children when ISIS was routed by the coalition say they are desperate to return to their former lives in the British Isles. Two are British medics - one being the doctor, the other a pharmacist from Birmingham - and the third is an Irish citizen who encouraged his wife and child to join him with the extremists. All three are now begging their governments to intervene to get them out of jail in the war zone where they are being held and take them back home. As they claim to pose no risk to the British and Irish peoples and are simply desperate to resume their former lives.

Speaking to Sky news they opined regards their captivity, about the cold, cramped conditions and poor food and that they had to share their cells with ISIS terrorists. They are: 

      1) 40 year old Mohammed Anwar Miah, a qualified pharmacist from Birmingham. Who after getting caught cooking the books of the pharmacy he ran in 2014 , decided to up sticks and relocate to Syria. He claims to be a moderate Muslim and only went over there help with humanitarian work. He met the women of his life, married her and had a child and yet he continued to work in ISIS areas claiming he saw very very very little of the Human rights abuses ISIS because infamously known for:
"    I can say to everybody in Britain that I'm not an IS fighter. I'm not a dangerous person. I came here to do humanitarian work. I have hurt nobody. I have done nothing wrong. I worked in a hospital. People have labelled me with IS because the area was controlled by IS. But I just did my job working in a hospital. I'm not a danger to anybody. I did humanitarian work and if they want evidence, I mean the evidence is there."

2   2)  40 year old Muhammad Saqib Raza, A duel Pakistani/British citizen who worked for the NHS as a doctor, who after becoming extremely pious, decided to leave the UK after he was reported for trying to recruit people to fight the good fight inside Syria in 2013. He claims he left to escape paying a £200,000 dowry payment to his wife’s family in the event of a divorce. Which apparently he was going to use to purchase a house in Turkey. However he claims he was kidnapped by ISIS taken to Syria and ended up in Raqqa (The ISIS capital)  where he worked as a doctor until he was captured when the city fell. That said he does state that he never supported ISIS. That he found their brand of Islam sick and that for the 2 years he worked in the hospital he never treated any ISIS patients.

3    3) 45 year old Alexandr Ruzmatovich Bekmirzaev originally from Belarus came to Ireland in the late 1990s, gained citizenship in 2010 and after becoming radicalised in Ireland left for a life in a pure Islamic caliphate after he came to the attention of the Irish security services. Once there, he told his wife to bring herself and their child over and that was him, happy as larry until he was picked up by the Kurds last December.

All 3 are demanding that the British and Irish have betrayed them and that they should be allowed to return to their past lives, no questions asked. However there is a huge hurdle in their path. Both the British and Irish have said….No.